March 06, 2017 - Santa Clarita Diet Premiere

Event: Netflix Premiere of “Santa Clarita Diet”  Location: Lombardi House // Guests: 500

The Ask:

Create a spin on a classic BBQ menu, playing up the (blood) heavy theme of Netflix’s “Santa Clarita Diet” series (featuring Drew Barrymore as a suburban mom turned cannibal).

The Menu:

Passed appetizers included items such as: “Bloody and Blue Burger” (beef slider, roka blue cheese, bacon, brioche bun), “Finger Lickin’ Dead” (fried chicken, bbq sauce, scallion ranch aioli) and “Jalapeño Chopper Popper” (bacon and jalapeño mac and cheese ball, cheddar, pretzel bread crumbs, honey mustard dip).

Passed desserts included “What’s in the Freezer?” (vanilla ice box cake, strawberry mascarpone mousse) and “What’s in the Freezer?” (vanilla ice box cake, strawberry mascarpone mousse).


Styling: Wilmarose Orlanes

Planning: MKG


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